As implementing Organisation of USAID’s Ghana Strengthening Accountability Mechanism (GSAM) through collaboration with our partners, CARE, OXFAM and ISODEC, our activities have been based in the Adaklu and Agortime Ziope Districts of the Volta Region.

The objective of the GSAM project is to ensure a heightened citizens’ oversight of capital development projects to improve local government transparency, accountability and performance.

Through support from USAID, we executed intense monitoring of capital projects of the District Assemblies and disseminated information on these development projects, through town hall meetings as an avenue for citizens to participate in local governance and also hold their local authorities accountable.

Using the GSAM project strategy of scorecards and citizen report cards, we worked together with citizens to measure the performance of their District Assemblies. With support from USAID, we were also able to monitor and document the progress and improvement of the capital projects through the utilization of various Tools.