An access to potable water for communities means a stable wedge between them and their exposure to countless diseases. Millions of people die every year from diseases caused by inaccessible and untreated water supply, insanitary and unhygienic conditions.

Clean water raises the sanitation standards in communities, improves health, boosts agriculture and food production and positively impacts living standards.
An easily accessible clean water source boosts productivity by cutting in half, productive hours and long distances used in search of potable water.

With the ANESVAD Foundation, we work towards the reduction of these diseases by

  • Initiating and completing six solar powered mechanized water facilities in targeted communities in the two districts
  • Constructing 6 toilet facilities
  • Constructing 18 Hand washing facilities in Targeted communities,
  • The much needed water infrastructure has been mechanised with fully fitted solar system. This would cut off electricity costs while ensuring sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Health and NTDs

Samples of the water was collected and sent to the laboratory for testing. Request was also made to the laboratory to specifically test for E-Coli (specific parameter of interest to the project given its relationship with skinNTDs) among parameters. The results were encouraging with its absence.
The project targeted schools, another for each of the communities in the 2 districts and health facilities including designated Community and Health Planning Service (CHPs) compounds at Bowiri Odumase and Old Ayoma.

With support from ANESVAD under this project these two health facilities now have access to regular water supply which is helping to improve health care delivery.

Our intervention is to mitigate the effects of lack of portable water, sanitation and hygiene facilities in these communities.