Water Safety Management Teams (WSMTs) in our beneficiary communities have been empowered to efficiently run our newly built mechanised water facilities.
We held different levels of engagements within the communities with a focus on improving WASH outcomes.

The trainings emphasized water safety management which placed premium on safe storage of water in order to avoid contaminations.
A training was also held to build capacity of WSMTs to be able to own, manage and sustain the water facilities. It also considered the Composition and Membership including roles of WSMT members, Functions of the WSMTs Roles and Responsibilities of WSMT members, Facility Management, Plan Water Fee Collection and Records Keeping, which were key to generating revenue to undertake repair and maintenance works after the facility was handed over to the community.

We envisage that most communities having acquired this knowledge would subsequently improve their water storage practices thereby storing water in clean containers for consumption.

Growing success

Spot and random checks have however revealed that significant progress has been made with storage of water in clean containers both at school and at homes within the communities much to the delight of major stakeholders within the districts.